Streetwize Accessories Leisurewize LWACC37 Eco Bin – Black

Streetwize Accessories Leisurewize LWACC37 Eco Bin – Black

Streetwize Accessories Leisurewize LWACC37 Eco Bin – Black

Product Description

An eco-friendly addition to your outdoor travels, the Streetwize Eco Bin offers a smart and creative way to store and manage waste at home and while traveling. The compact and foldable design makes it easy to maneuver at RV sites, camping or caravanning venues. The genius thing about this dustbin is that it is available with bin liners, so they’re right there when you need them or when the bin is overflowing.

Snap Together Eco-Bin

The snap-together design allows you to fit this bin in your vehicle’s main storage compartment or in your RV trailers, motor-homes, caravanning trailers, and buses. The wide, soft close top and sturdy molded base with tray prevent spillages and make it a top-quality choice in most households. Incorporate the portable dust bin with a pair of carrier bags, secured by twin peg points, to allow separate bags for recycling waste.

Legal Disclaimer

Damaged boxUNIQUE BIN STORAGE: Offers a creative way to store waste to promote a better environment with improved recycling processes. It allows you to carry and dispose of the waste easily without any spillage hassles. FOLD-FLAT-FIT: The snap-together design allows you to carry this waste management bin everywhere, anywhere. Eco Compost Bin is lightweight – just pack and stack, no matter where you are headed. The molded base with tray prevents spillages. CARAVANNING ESSENTIAL: Managing solid waste is a significant part of every caravanning or camping gear. With a compact design and lightweight construction, it fits easily in the caravan, RV trailer, backyard, or garden ensuring nothing leaks. SMARTER WASTE MANAGEMENT: Hikers, campers, or caravanners are expected to manage the waste they generate. The solid waste collection bin makes life easy with its hassle-free form. Take it to camping grounds, caravan parks, RV sites, or biking trips. GARDENING ACCESSORY: With detachable bin liners, you can use this waste disposable bin in your backyard, terrace garden to collect weeds or excessive fertilizers/manures. A twin peg point helps secure the bin on uneven, soggy grounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the bin liners be reused?

Yes, the bin liners can be reused multiple times. Simply empty the contents and wash them before using them again.

2. How many bin liners are included?

The Streetwize Eco Bin comes with 10 bin liners.

3. Can this bin be used for recycling?

Yes, the bin is suitable for recycling waste. The twin peg points allow for separate bags for recycling waste.


The Streetwize Accessories Leisurewize LWACC37 Eco Bin is a compact and easy-to-assemble bin that offers a creative and eco-friendly solution for waste management. Whether you’re camping, caravanning, or simply need a bin for your backyard, this bin is a convenient and practical choice. With its snap-together design and included bin liners, it’s easy to use and ensures a clean and tidy environment. Say goodbye to spillage hassles and embrace a smarter way of managing waste with the Streetwize Eco Bin.

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