Penepico Large Sensory Massage Ball for Kids


Penepico Large Sensory Massage Ball for Kids

Penepico Large Sensory Massage Ball for Kids

Good interactive entertainment toys for children and family gatherings. You can play indoors, and you can play outdoors in the courtyard or park. Wherever there are super big bouncy balls, you can hear the happy laughs.

Multi-functional Toy for Entertainment, Exercise, and Sensory Stimulation

Good for the Whole Family

This bouncing ball can be used by the whole family. You can explore a variety of usage methods. Mom can use it to practice yoga. Dad, grandparents can use massage to relax the body, or help children do tactile massage.

Fitness Exercises

Be careful about fitness exercises. Some children will like to play on the ball. Pay special attention to protecting the head and neck. It is best to have an adult help to pull the feet and practice on a soft mat or lawn. Pay attention to safety. When the children are playing, parents remember to take care of them safely, so as not to be too excited and dangerous.

Package Included

  • 1 large blue ball with a diameter of 85 cm/33.5 inches
  • 1 round fixed inflatable ring for placing the big ball
  • 1 air pump
  • 2 ball plugs (one spare)
  • 1 ball plug pulling tool
  • 1 piece of black nano repair patch
  • 1 small massage ball

Thick, Safe, Tasteless Sensory Balls

The large sensory bouncy ball has a thickness of 2 mm and can bear a load of 2000 lb. It is made of high-quality soft plastic, safe and tasteless, suitable for children playing and adult massage or yoga. It can be inflated up to 33.5 inches in diameter. The playset comes with an air pump.

Playground Exercise Ball, Outdoor Fitness Game, Large Beach Ball

The large sensory ball can be played by tapping, rolling, throwing, kicking, etc. It is full of elasticity; it can be played by one person or multiple kids; it is a sports toy that can be used indoors and outdoors. It is a very fun big beach ball, big water polo pool ball for kids or family.

Large Massage Ball for Tactile Sensory Training

The Tactile sensory exercise ball, specially designed large massage particles, evenly distributed, let kids feel tactile stimulation evenly, enhance children’s balance, stimulate brain development, and relieve emotions. It can help kids and adults with ADHD, autism, anxiety and stress, also a good sports massage ball for the elderly.

Big Yoga Ball with Massage Spikes

It is a big massage yoga ball for children, pregnant women, adults, and babies. It is also an outdoor fun toy for kindergartens and nurseries group sports.

Be Sure to Protect Your Head and Neck When Playing the Ball

Some children will like to lie on the ball, so pay special attention to protecting the head and neck. Need adult protection. Be sure on a soft mat or lawn.

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