LIPOELASTICPI Special Comfort – Post Surgical Compression Bra

LIPOELASTICPI Special Comfort – Post Surgical Compression Bra

LIPOELASTICPI Special Comfort – Post Surgical Compression Bra

The success of any plastic surgery is reliant upon not only the skill of the surgeon, but also the quality of aftercare; compression therapy forms a large part of this process and is crucial for satisfactory healing. Wearing the correct garment post-operatively has been proven to speed up the healing process and minimise swelling and bruising, as well as reducing pain. For this reason, compression garments are an important part of the surgery. Patients wearing compression garments after plastic surgery have been reported to have more satisfactory results.

The Importance of a Good Post-Operative Bra

A good post-operative bra is perhaps the most important garment of all to get ‘right’; the bra needs to offer the correct level of compression and support to accommodate the newly formed breast. The bra also needs to take account of scar tissue and newly operated-on breasts, which will not tolerate things such as seams, scratchy hems, and edging.

Compression Therapy for Optimal Healing

Post-operative compression therapy is designed to help keep muscles in place after the procedure and eliminate swelling caused by possible accumulation of fluid. The correct pressure and support are essential, so when looking for the right garment, be sure to consider factors such as fit, comfort, shape, and pressure.

LIPOELASTIC Compression Garments

LIPOELASTIC compression garments offer different types of fastening to meet patients’ needs. All of our bras are manufactured to make it easy to put on and wear; they can be worn throughout the entire recovery period without causing discomfort or interrupting any activity or daily living.

Features of the LIPOELASTICPI Special Comfort Bra

  • Wide band under the bust to prevent chafing or rolling up
  • Soft band that does not interfere with scar tissue
  • Higher decolletage to stabilize breast implants and cling to breast tissue
  • Made from cotton, a pleasant and skin-friendly material
  • Oeko-Tex certified material, free from harmful substances
  • Heat-moulded seamless cups for optimal comfort and support
  • Double lining fabric for optimal compression in key areas
  • Front zipper underlain with hooks for easier handling and dressing
  • Shoulder straps with four rows of hooks and eyes for adjustable compression
Common Questions
  1. Can I wear the LIPOELASTICPI Special Comfort Bra immediately after surgery?
  2. Yes, the bra is designed for immediate post-operative use and provides the necessary compression and support for optimal healing.

  3. Is the bra comfortable to wear throughout the entire recovery period?
  4. Yes, the bra is made from soft and skin-friendly materials, ensuring comfort even during extended wear.

  5. Can I adjust the level of compression?
  6. Yes, the shoulder straps feature four rows of hooks and eyes, allowing you to adjust the level of compression as needed.


The LIPOELASTICPI Special Comfort – Post Surgical Compression Bra is the ideal garment for post-operative care after plastic surgery. With its optimal compression, support, and comfort, this bra promotes faster healing, minimizes swelling and bruising, and reduces pain. Choose LIPOELASTIC for the best in post-operative compression garments.

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