JinGreanHealthy Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cord

JinGreanHealthy Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cord

JinGreanHealthy Grounding Sheet with Grounding Cord


Combination of 5% Silver Fiber and 95% Premium Cotton

Silver fiber sheets can resist electromagnetic radiation, static electricity, promote blood circulation, and maintain health.

Silver fibers are made of pure silver. Silver is a natural element formed in nature. It has no toxic and side effects of other general chemical products. It is very beneficial to human health.

What is the Grounding Sheet?

Everyone has the experience of being disturbed by static electricity in life, which affects people’s life. The sheet can release static electricity and improve the quality of sleep. Using the bed sheet is like sleeping on the ground, making you relax!

The grounding mat can energy of free electrons reacts with the human body to produce negative ions. The negative ions migrate in the human body, neutralize the free radicals of the human body, enhance human resistance, adjust the micro circulation of the human body and improve health.

Applicable User:

Adults, children and the elderly are especially suitable. It has a significant effect on people who are in sub-health and suffer from severe insomnia.

Cleaning Attention:

  • Do not wash with hot water (below 90 Fahrenheit Degree)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not dry-clean or ironing
  • Can be washed by hand or by washing machine

Set included:

  • 1 *Sheet, 52 x 27 inch
  • 1 * 15-foot grounding cable with 53 K oh mic safety resistance


Grounding sheet is made of premium pure natural cotton and pure silver threads blended in the optimum proportion. Premium cotton feels very soft, and contact with skin can protect skin very well. Silver threads have conductive properties, which can inhibit bacterial growth on the bed.


The grounding sheet is covered with silver threads, which are conductive. When a wire is used to connect the sheets to the grounding socket, the sheet can neutralize the free radicals of the human body, enhance the body’s resistance. Scientists have shown that grounding has great benefits for people’s health.


The benefits of grounding have been proven by research, including better sleep quality, improving micro circulation, accelerating wound healing, eliminating inflammation, reducing fatigue and muscle soreness, alleviating menstrual symptoms, and improving sub-health.


The sheet is very simple and convenient to use. There is a grounding cord in the package. You only need to fasten the cord to the sheet and plug it into the grounding socket of the household socket to achieve the grounding function.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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