Empty Pick and Mix Sweet/Gift Bakery Boxes

Empty Pick and Mix Sweet/Gift Bakery Boxes

Empty Pick and Mix Sweet/Gift Bakery Boxes

Are you in need of the perfect bakery boxes for your pick and mix sweets or gifts? Look no further! Our 18x18x5cm boxes with 30, 9 grid compartments are just what you need. These boxes are not only practical, but also add a touch of charm to your sweet treats or gifts.

Key Features

Convenient Size

The 18x18x5cm size of these bakery boxes makes them perfect for holding a variety of pick and mix sweets or small gifts. They are compact enough to be easily stored or transported, yet spacious enough to hold a generous amount of treats.

Grid Compartments

With 30 grid compartments, these boxes allow you to neatly organize and display a wide assortment of sweets or gifts. Each compartment is 9 grid, making it easy to separate different items and create an attractive presentation.

High-Quality Material

Our bakery boxes are made of durable and food-safe material, ensuring that your treats or gifts are well-protected. The clear plastic lid allows for easy visibility, while the sturdy base provides stability and support.


What is the maximum weight each box can hold?

Each box can comfortably hold up to 1kg of sweets or gifts.

Are these boxes suitable for commercial use?

Absolutely! These bakery boxes are perfect for bakeries, candy shops, and gift stores looking to showcase their products in an elegant and organized manner.


Our empty pick and mix sweet/gift bakery boxes are the ideal solution for packaging and presenting your treats or gifts. With their convenient size, grid compartments, and high-quality material, these boxes are sure to impress both you and your customers. Order yours today and take your sweet treats or gifts to the next level!

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