BigTProducts Sweet17 3-12×40 RGB 30/30DplxRet

BigTProducts Sweet17 3-12×40 RGB 30/30DplxRet

BigTProducts Sweet17 3-12×40 RGB 30/30DplxRet

Are you looking for a reliable and high-performance scope for your shooting adventures? Look no further than the BigTProducts Sweet17 3-12×40 RGB 30/30DplxRet. This innovative product is designed to enhance your shooting experience and provide you with unparalleled accuracy and precision.


1. Versatile Magnification

The Sweet17 scope offers a magnification range of 3-12x, allowing you to easily adjust the zoom level based on your shooting requirements. Whether you’re targeting objects at close range or aiming for long-distance shots, this scope has got you covered.

2. RGB Illumination

With its RGB illumination feature, the Sweet17 scope ensures optimal visibility in various lighting conditions. Choose from multiple color options to enhance your target acquisition and improve your shooting accuracy.

3. Duplex Reticle

The 30/30DplxRet duplex reticle of the Sweet17 scope provides a clear and unobstructed view of your target. This reticle design allows for quick and precise aiming, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced shooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Sweet17 scope suitable for all types of firearms?

A: Yes, the Sweet17 scope is compatible with a wide range of firearms, including rifles and shotguns. Its versatile design makes it a perfect choice for hunters, sport shooters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Q: Can I use the RGB illumination feature in daylight?

A: Absolutely! The RGB illumination feature of the Sweet17 scope is designed to enhance visibility in all lighting conditions, including daylight. You can easily adjust the brightness level to suit your preferences.

Q: Does the Sweet17 scope come with a warranty?

A: Yes, BigTProducts offers a comprehensive warranty for the Sweet17 scope. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected against any manufacturing defects.


The BigTProducts Sweet17 3-12×40 RGB 30/30DplxRet is a top-notch scope that combines versatility, precision, and durability. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a recreational enthusiast, this product is sure to exceed your expectations. Upgrade your shooting experience with the Sweet17 scope and take your accuracy to new heights.

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