Big K Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs

Big K Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs

Big K Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs

Introducing the Big K Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs, the perfect solution for your heating needs. This pack of 12-14 100% natural heat logs is made with no additives or binders, ensuring a clean and efficient burn.

Product Description

These heat logs are made from the by-products of managed forests and recycled wood, making them an eco-friendly choice. They are compressed to provide a high heat output and long burn time, perfect for keeping your home warm and cozy during the colder months.


  • 100% natural compressed heat logs
  • No additives or binders
  • Suitable for fireplaces and stoves
  • Leaves little ash
  • Under 8% moisture level
  • No sparks or spitting
  • 12-14 logs per pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these heat logs safe to use indoors?

Yes, these heat logs are safe to use indoors. They have a low moisture level and do not produce sparks or spitting, making them suitable for use in fireplaces and stoves.

How long do these heat logs burn for?

The burn time of these heat logs can vary depending on the conditions and the appliance used. However, on average, each log can burn for approximately 2-3 hours.

Can these heat logs be used in outdoor fire pits?

Yes, these heat logs can be used in outdoor fire pits. They provide a consistent and long-lasting heat, making them ideal for outdoor gatherings and camping trips.


The Big K Compressed Saw Dust Heat Logs are a reliable and eco-friendly choice for heating your home. With their high heat output, long burn time, and clean burn, these heat logs are a must-have for any fireplace or stove. Say goodbye to messy and inefficient heating methods and switch to these convenient and sustainable heat logs.

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