Baveyes Adapter Contax/Yashica to Sony E (0.7x)

Baveyes Adapter Contax/Yashica to Sony E (0.7x)


More and more photographers are using cameras with interchangeable lenses, but the standard combinations of cameras and lenses may not always meet their specific needs. Lens adapters have become a popular solution, allowing photographers to have full control over their equipment and combine different cameras and lenses. While some camera manufacturers offer their own adapters, they are often limited to their own brand. KIPON, on the other hand, offers over 400 camera adapters, providing photographers with the freedom to individually combine cameras and lenses.

The KIPON BAVEYES C/Y-NEX 0.7x Adapter

The KIPON BAVEYES C/Y-NEX 0.7x adapter is designed to connect lenses from the Contax Yashica series to mirrorless cameras of the Sony NEX series. This adapter, developed by the German optical research institution IB/E Optics, allows lenses with full size to be mounted on cameras with APS-C. It contains four multi-coated lenses that help negate the crop factor and provide a full field of view through the lens. This solves the problem of edge cracking in photos caused by adapters without optical lenses and allows for sharper images.

Compatibility and Limitations

It’s important to note that when using the KIPON BAVEYES C/Y-NEX 0.7x adapter, only manual mode can be used for taking photos. However, the focus setting is available to infinity. Additionally, lenses without an aperture ring can only be used with limited aperture control.

Available Categories of KIPON Adapters

KIPON offers a wide range of adapters to suit different needs. These include:

  1. Macro adapter
  2. Electronic adapter
  3. Adapter with built-in glass
  4. Optical focus reduction adapter
  5. Inclination adapter
  6. Switching adapter
  7. Inclination and switching adapter
  8. And more
Benefits of Lens Adapters

Lens adapters, such as the KIPON BAVEYES C/Y-NEX 0.7x adapter, offer several benefits to photographers. They provide the flexibility to combine cameras and lenses from different manufacturers, allowing photographers to create unique setups that meet their specific requirements. Adapters also enable the use of lenses with different mounts on modern camera bodies, expanding the range of lenses available to photographers.


The KIPON BAVEYES C/Y-NEX 0.7x adapter is a versatile tool that allows photographers to connect Contax Yashica lenses to Sony NEX cameras. With its optical focal point reduction adapter, it provides a full field of view through the lens, solving the problem of edge cracking in photos. While it may have some limitations, such as manual mode only and limited aperture control for lenses without an aperture ring, the adapter offers photographers the freedom to explore new possibilities and capture stunning images.

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