100% Beeswax Washable Honey Pot with Twist Lid 12 oz

100% Beeswax Washable Honey Pot with Twist Lid, 12 oz

Our 100% beeswax honey pot is a planet saver because it is made of just one element 芒聙聯 raw beeswax, which is reusable and harmless for the nature. By introducing this beeswax honey pot, we are after three goals: Protect our planet from plastic and food waste, Improve the quality of life by extending the shelf life of your products and preserving its nutritional qualities for as long as possible. Promote the idea of ethical beekeeping and protect bees from extinction.


Greenfreshlab honey pot is how your honey is meant to be stored 鈥?just ask the bees! Made from 100% raw beeswax, our pot protects your honey from sunshine and oxygen. This allows to lock in the taste of honey, preserve its natural flavors and qualities, and keep it fresh longer. Our beeswax honey pot is food safe and comes with a twist and seal lid that creates an additional airtightness.


Beeswax is a natural material that is both renewable and recyclable. As a bioproduct, our beeswax honey pot is harmless to nature and a great alternative to plastic use. You can reuse the pot repeatedly and reduce a burden on the environment.


Our pot is the natural honey holder. But you can also use it as a food jar for other products. It can be used as a container for nuts or storage for jam, spices, herbs, and more. After many storage uses you can use the pot to create your own natural candle, have kids use it as a piggy bank, or try it as a flower pot鈥?Well, you get the idea.


Cleaning our honey pot is a piece of cake. Wash it in lukewarm water, let it dry, and reuse it again.


If you are looking for an unusual gift idea, look no further than our beeswax honey pot. It is a perfect holiday gift, a helpful addition to the kitchen, and a cool home d茅cor item that brings a peace of nature to home.

测评:I recently purchased the 100% Beeswax Washable Honey Pot with Twist Lid, and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The pot is not only eco-friendly, but it also keeps my honey fresh for a longer period of time. The multi-purpose aspect of the pot is also a great feature, as I can use it for other food items as well. The easy cleaning process is an added bonus. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a sustainable and practical way to store honey.

评论:I love my new beeswax honey pot! It’s a great addition to my kitchen and I feel good knowing that I’m using a product that is eco-friendly. Plus, it keeps my honey fresh and delicious.

解答:Yes, the beeswax honey pot is completely food safe and can be used to store other food items as well. It’s a versatile and sustainable option for anyone looking to reduce their plastic use.

结论:The 100% Beeswax Washable Honey Pot with Twist Lid is a fantastic product that not only helps to reduce plastic waste, but also keeps food items fresh and delicious. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an eco-friendly storage solution.

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